(also know as Baccarat)

The name “Baccarat” is the French spelling of baccara/zero which is the point value

of face cards in this game.

Punto Banco is played with the 2 principal bets “Punto” & “Banco”

  • Punto means Player
  • Banco means Banker

The object of the game is to bet on the hand that you think have the

total of; or closest to 9 (nine) OR to bet that both the player and the

banker hands dealt will have the same value which is a ‘tie’ or a ‘stand-


Millionaires Casino Bogotá offers Mini Punto Banco using 6 decks of cards. The minimum/maximum bets are:

Min 50,000 Max 600,000


Min 10,000 Max 70,000

General Rules

  • Each hand consist of 2 (two) cards to start with a maximum of 3 (three) cards dealt. No hand receives more than 3 (three) cards
  • Tens & Face cards (jacks, queens, kings) are worth a zero count. All other cards (2-9) are worth their face value
  • Aces are worth 1 (one) point.
  • The value of 9 (nine) is the best total. If a players cards total more than 9 (nine), the card values are added up and only the right hand digit is counted. For example – if a player is holding a 7 and a 8 the total value is 15, but the hand value is counted as 5.
  • A hand that totals a zero (for example a 3, 7 and 10) is considered a Baccarat. When “Punto” and “Banco” hands are equal, a ‘tie’ or ‘stand-off’ is declared.